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Why People want to climb Mt. Everest

Mount Everest Expedition is the dream destination for the numerous mountain nomads from the all around the planet. Each year, it attracts thousands of the climbers who try climbing it and many of them...

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Island Peak Climbing Guide

Unleashing the Adventurer Within: Island Peak and Everest Base Camp Trek in Nepal

Nepal, a country nestled in the heart of the majestic Himalayas, is a paradise for adventure seekers. From trekking through lush forests to scaling towering peaks, Nepal offers a plethora of opportuni...

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Challenges of Everest Expedition

Conquering the World's Tallest Peak: Overcoming Challenges for Climbing Mt. Everest

Mount Everest, standing tall at an elevation of 8,848.86 meters (29,032 feet), is the highest peak on Earth. Located in the majestic Himalayas, climbing Mt. Everest has been a lifelong dream for many...

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Mera Peak Climbing Difficulty

How difficult is the Mera Peak Climb?

Mera Peak Climbing, the journey to the highest trekking peak of Nepal takes you to the Hinku Valley of the Solukhumbu region of northeast Nepal.  Situated at 6476m above sea level, Mera Peak is p...

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Top ten Peak Climbing in Nepal

Top 5 Trekking Peaks in Nepal

As categorized by Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA), the trekking peaks largely fall between 5000m to 7000m. Nepal is home to some of the highest trekking peaks on this planet. As its name implie...

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Kristin Harila, Tenjen Sherpa World's fastest to Climb 14 Peaks in 92 Days

Norwegian climbers Kristin Harila and Tenjen (Lama) Sherpa today scaled the world's second-highest peak in Pakistan completing their 14 8000ers in three months. According to Chhang Dawa Sherpa, Exped...

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base camp for everest expedition

Nepali guide rescues climber from Everest

KATHMANDU, JUNE 4 A Nepali guide abandoned his client's Everest summit bid to rescue a Malaysian climber in a deadly mountaineering season that has seen at least 12 deaths. Gelje Sherpa was guiding a...

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Everest Day

International Everest Day 2023

International Everest Day is celebrated in the memory of two persons who climbed Mt Everest (8848.86m/29032ft), the tallest peak of this planet on 29th May 1953 by two legendry Edmund Hillary and Tenz...

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FAQS for Everest Expedition

Without Sherpas, there is no mountaineering

Kami Rita Sherpa broke his own record last week when he climbed the world’s highest mountain for the 27th time, keeping ahead of compatriot Pasang Dawa Sherpa who had tied his 26th climb earlier...

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Strong Rebound of Foreign Tourist Arrivals in March

Nearly 100,000 foreign tourists entered Nepal the previous month, indicating a strong recovery in the country's tourism sector compared to the past years. According to the data released by the Nepal...

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Mera Peak Outward

An Ultimate Guide to Mera Peak Climbing

Mera Peak Climbing, soaring to a height of 6,461m/21,190ft, is the highest trekking peak of Nepal that sits in the Khumbu region and is the best place to witness 5 of the 14 highest mountains of this...

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Foreigners are no longer allowed to trek without a guide in Nepal

Kathmandu, March 3 The Nepal Tourism Board has said foreigners are no longer allowed to trek without a guide. The board director Maniraj Lamichhane informs this decision will be implemented from Apri...

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Peak Climbing in Nepal

Best Time for Peak Climbing in Nepal

Nepal is an amazing land mainly popular for high mountain massifs and deep valleys of those mountains. It is a country that does not require any armies in the northern lands because the Himalayas work...

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FAQS for Everest Expedition

Frequently Asked Questions for Everest Expedition

We are often asked numerous questions about Everest Expedition each year. Some of the most important questions are mentioned below. Q. What is the Everest expedition? Everest Expedition is to reach...

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Best time to climb Everest

Best Time to Climb Everest

Climbing Mt. Everest can be a one-time opportunity for a lifetime and after climbing it, the biggest dream of many people will be fulfilled. Expedition of Everest has its own perks. There are signific...

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Everest Expedition 2023

A Detail Guide for Everest Expedition

Climbing mount Everest is stepping at the highest point of the earth; no land is seen above it. It is the tallest peak on the earth which attracts thousands of climbers since it was concurred almost...

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Lobuche Peak in Winter

Lobuche Peak Climbing in Winter

Lobuche Peak (6,119 mt / 20,075) climbing in winter is climbing to one of the most popular trekking peaks of the Khumbu region of northeastern Nepal soars above Lobuche village to the southwest of mig...

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Island Peak Climbing

A Complete Guide to Island Peak Climbing

Island Peak is one of the most popular trekking peaks in the Khumbu region that takes you to a height of 6189m above sea level. Among others, this peak is the most used trekking peak in Nepal with its...

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A Complete Guide to Everest Base Camp Trek

Everest Base Camp trek is one of the spectacular high-altitude hikes in the Khumbu region of Nepal that take us to the base of the tallest peak of the world – Mt. Everest [8848.86m/29032ft]. It...

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Rakshya Bandhan

Rakshya Bandhan - A Great Festival for Brothers and Sisters

Rakshya Bandhan, one of the popular rites of the Hindus or is a ceremony that falls on the Full Moon day in the month of Shrawan (Usually in August) according to the Hindu Lunar Calendar. The expressi...

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