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Why People want to climb Mt. Everest

  • 2023-11-25
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Mount Everest Expedition is the dream destination for the numerous mountain nomads from the all around the planet. Each year, it attracts thousands of the climbers who try climbing it and many of them become successful as well. Trekking its base and foothills also one of the most popular activities in Nepal.

“Because it’s there,” the British mountaineer George Leigh Mallory famously told the New York Times when asked why he was attempting Everest’s peak before his 1924 attempt ended in his death. For several others, it can be for the status and prestige that they can proudly say that they have accomplished the journey of the tallest peak of this earth. Wow! What a wonderful feeling.

To further understand why people, attempt the climb each year despite the dangers of going above 26,000 feet—otherwise known as the “death zone”—here are six must-read stories about those who have done it. The very essential reason for many people to undertake the risky and tough summit to Mt Everest is their urge to assume adventures.

Reasons to climb Mount Everest the highest mountain in the world

There are a plethora of merits and demerits of climbing mountains and so does Everest. When we observe all over this earth, we get convinced that there is no dearth of mountains for the mountaineers to climb. The highest mountain in the world delivers you with an implausible adventure. The extreme difficulty level of this mountain also adds value to adventure. Even, many other mountains are more beautiful than Everest and climbing those mountains will be an exciting as well as enjoyable experience. It will be a more challenging experience for mountaineers to climb some of the other mountains.

And the reason is crystal; Everest is the highest mountain peak in the world. If one could climb Mt Everest successfully at least once, indeed it will be a great attainment. The experiences that one will have during the Everest summit take him to the summit of his mountaineering activities. Because of their severe urge to climb the highest mountain peak, they are able to balance the risks intricate in it with the victory they will be able to achieve out of their task. Here are the top 7 reasons why people choose to climb Everest.

1. The Physical Health and Fitness Benefits are Huge

Along with the incredible strength and endurance, you will also find that your diet becomes better during the journey. You will find how much endurance is obligatory to walk in the thin year and also will find that unhealthy food will not fuel you properly. The journey includes several hikes, climbs, and expeditions which demand a proper diet. The altitude trains your lungs to become stronger, and the struggle becomes less and less every time you hike. Plus, there’s a lot to learn from exercising in nature.

2. You can see places very few get to See

We can observe the mountain peaks from the top of any mountain but you need to reach there by making a lot of effort. There is nothing more to see than standing at the top of the world. When you carve out time and space for a good high-altitude mountain trek, when you make it to the top, there is nothing like reveling in the beauty and rarity of the view. Unless it’s foggy or smokey, you’re guaranteed to get a breathtaking view that many will never see. Almost half a century mountain peaks can be observed from the top of Mt. Everest, the tallest peak on the planet.

3. You will Meet the most Amazing People who you will call Friends

Everest region is full of adventurers, mountaineers, climbers, and record holders. Most of them are positive, outgoing, and extremely welcoming and share similar goals – to reach the top of the mountain and enjoy a day of exercise and natural beauty.

Spending so much time together and taking in these magnificent places, you will likely make life-long friends. If you’re new to trekking or climbing, a great way to find a hiking partner is through alpine clubs, hiking groups, and social media.

4. You will finally Understand why the Mountains Naturally call to you

Mountains are tall, magical, gleaming, and outstanding. They have magic to attract people from the entire planet. Perhaps it is the fact they can be hazardous, or maybe it’s their capability to make us feel so small. You might feel that your problems weaken a little when you are around them, or that life slows down a bit. You will sense the urge to return after spending time surrounded by them or climbing them.

5. Climbing mountains will teach you Patience, Persistence, and Gratitude

Climbing mountain can be both physically and mentally exhausting. However, once you reach at the top of Everest (8848.86m), the tallest point on this entire planet, all the roadblocks or struggles you may have had along the way fade and make room for a deep sense of accomplishment. It reminds you to take life one piece and a time and celebrate the peaks whenever possible.

6. They will teach you why we want to protect the environment

Leave NO Trace is one of the most popular slogans in mountain treks/climbs. While spending time in the mountains, you will eventually grow into a space you care about and want to protect. This might This might trigger new gratitude for the efforts we have in place to protect nature. Their beauty often draws a crowd, and it’s our accountability to work together and esteem them for future peers to relish. This admiration for the mountains might even trickle into your home life. It may inspire you to adopt more sustainable habits or essentials that don’t harm our planet (and even better, seek to improve it).

7. They will teach you positivity

The main cause of failure to climb the mountain is the negative mindset towards the mountain or having failed before the climb. Convincing yourself that you can’t climb or achieve it won’t make you successful. If you are positive, even if the climb is tough at the moment, you will continue walking there.  

For a successful accomplishment, you should tell yourself that I must have 100% dedication to climb this mountain.  If you don’t believe you can climb the mountain, then you probably never will. You can do more than you think you can, and you just have to trust ourself, believe in yourself and take it one bit at a time, before you know it, you will be standing on the peak.

8. The Prestige and Recognition

Reaching the summit of Mount Everest is a significant achievement that is recognized and respected globally. Climbers who successfully reach the top often receive recognition and accolades from their peers and the wider community, which can be a powerful motivator for those who are drawn to the mountain.

9. The Desire to Explore Uncharted Territory

Mount Everest is a remote and inhospitable environment that is still largely unexplored. For many climbers, the opportunity to explore this uncharted territory and to be among the first to set foot in a particular area is a major draw to the mountain. The sense of discovery and adventure that comes with exploring new terrain is a powerful motivator for those who are drawn to the mountain.

10. The Personal Challenge

Climbing Mount Everest is a personal challenge that requires climbers to push themselves to their limits. For many, the opportunity to test their abilities and to overcome the challenges they face during the climb is a major draw to the mountain. The sense of accomplishment that comes with overcoming these challenges can be a powerful motivator for those who are drawn to the mountain

What do we need to know before climbing Everest?

Achieving the top of Mt. Everest (8848.86m) is a dream for any mountain lover. The tallest peak in the planet offers with plenty of adventures and sceneries. Several things need to be considered while climbing Everest before actually going to climb.

You should have proper use of mountaineering equipment such as fixed ropes, carabiners, jumar, crampons, and ascenders for climbing there. Several sections of the mountain are quite dangerous including the Khumbu Icefall and others which add difficulties to the trip. Steep incline, altitude sickness, and thin air are some of the challenging aspects.

Sometimes, you need to push hard with the help of the fixed lines and ultimately you will walk from the summit ridge to the top which is short and accessible. The longer you spend in the Himalayas, the more chances are of you getting successful. So, proper acclimatization and adapting to the weather and climatic conditions will ensure a successful ascent.

All in all, climbing the highest mountain on the planet is not like walking in the park or beach. Adventurers must consider all the dangers and risks while climbing. Choosing the right company and Sherpa is obligatory for a successful summit.

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