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Langtang Region

Langtang region, one of the most popular trekking regions of Nepal lies in the north-central part of Nepal that offers numerous hiking and mountaineering options. The alternatives range from a week to three weeks of trekking, peak climbing [Naya Khang - 5,844m/19168 ft. and Yala peak- 5,500 m/18,000 ft], and expedition [Langtang Lirung - 7,234 m/23,734 ft] and so on. The views of the mountain peaks during the trek are quite panoramic.

The beginning and ending point of the trek/expedition is connected by the roadways and you will reach there via private jeep or public bus. Throughout the trekking, you will have teahouse accommodation on every trekking day. During the peak climb, expedition, and some high passes treks such as Ganja La pass, we will offer you camping accommodation.

You will get nutritious meals while trekking in the teahouses or small lodges around. Thus transportation, meals, accommodation, routes, culture, Himalayan views, safety, and everything in the Langtang region encourage any avid traveler to make his or her journey there.