Why Outward Adventure Treks and Expedition?

Outward Adventure Treks and Expedition is a sincere trekking company in Nepal, which has dedicated trekking and expedition specialists. We promise that we will give the best service throughout your trip. We gratify the travelers from all around the planet who all conclude that Outward is giving excellent service and companionship to all.

Being well experienced in our field, we create, organize and guide ourselves. Most of us are mountaineers and Everest summiteers who have climbed the peaks dozens of times, and trekked every trekking destination for hundreds of times; all in all, we are come up with a plethora of trekking, tour, and mountaineering experiences.

Concerning, why to choose Outward Adventure Treks for any tour, trekking, peak climbing, and mountain expedition trips, here are the palpable causes.

Quality Service

“Clients' satisfaction is our main motto”

Each year hundreds of travelers wish for an inn, touring, trekking, peak climbing, and mountain climbing organize packages with Outward Adventure. Hundreds of guests from all around the world travel for different tour packages with us each year.

Our entire team aims to help the encroachment of the local societies by working toward long-term sustainability, minimalizing our effect on the earth, and conveying the brilliance of Nepal and other neighboring nations including their culture and religion via tourism. To gain such values, we closely focus on clients’ satisfaction and unswervingly seek novice ways to exceed our valued client's expectations.

Our Enthusiastic Team

Outward Adventure Treks and Expedition is built up of all the traveler enthusiasts who have understood the significance of making a genuine personal connection when you travel, and our entire team is full of passion and endless eagerness about our work.

You can trust us to be your chum in every part of your travel in the Himalayan sections. We hire professionally trained and knowledgeable who won’t just guide you throughout your journey; they will also explain the places, cultures, traditions, values, ethics, dos and don’ts, and many more. Being always cheerful, they will perform their expertise making your journey comfortable in every possible way.

Our Knowledge and Experience

Traveling to a new place with a new companion is a tricky business. Spending your hard-earned money to visit unfamiliar countries, places and destinations must go into good hands.  We are sure that there is no supernumerary for immediate field knowledge and logical expertise.

Having over 12 years of experience in the Himalayan foothills, Outward Adventure Treks leads the way in curating the very best Himalayan trekking, and climbing itineraries. You can trust us to gain the ultimate trekking holiday, packed with all of the highlights of a genuine Himalayan adventure.

Financial Security (Your Money is Safe)

Outward Adventure Treks and Expedition is an authorized and fully licensed and dedicated trekking and mountaineering agency in Nepal. Our company is registered at the Company Registration Office, Taxation Office, Nepal Tourism Board, Civil Aviation Department, Industry Department, and Nepal Rastra Bank.

We have a membership with several prestigious regulating bodies such as Trekking Agencies Association of Nepal (TAAN), Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA), Nepal Association for Tour and Travel Agents (NATTA), and Kathmandu Environmental Education Project (KEEP).

This means you can trust us and book us with confidence, as all the money you paid to us for your trekking, climbing, and tours (not for insurance) is protected, well invested, and without any risk.

Customized Itineraries

Almost all of the packages mentioned on our website are customizable according to your interest, budget, and physical and mental preparations. They can be modified upon your request. Initially, we iota down your requirements and expectations and, as per that, design an appropriate itinerary to fit your interest and resources. We offer you the freedom to choose food and accommodation option throughout the trip. Customizing itineraries differ in pricing as well. Trekkers will get the freedom to choose which side trips to take and which to skip.

Safety Concerns

"Clients’ Safety is our foremost priority"

Travelers’ safety is the number priority at Outward Adventure Treks and Expedition. Each of our itineraries allows you plenty of time for acclimatization in different places. Our trekking leaders are well experienced, qualified, and experts in the field who will always lead you through a safe route for your hike. All guides are trained in first aid and bring along a first aid box on every trip, and our porters will carry your luggage in secure baggage as we provide Gortex waterproof duffle bag to you.  Wherever, you hike/trek/climb, we will ensure that your accommodations  are clean and hygienic, and you’ll have plenty of nourishing and delicious food

Our Affordable Packages

Another important factor for travel is the cost of the package. Although money is the primary key to cozy travel, the low cost of packages doesn’t mean less adventure or filthy accommodation and less delicious foods. While designing itineraries we skip the unnecessary days and extra-luxurious stays, we shape out perfect packages that are not only affordable but full of fun. Thus, traveling with Outward Adventure Treks and Expedition means saving your money and making perfectly outstanding memories at an affordable rate.

24 x 7 Customer Support

Our customer service professionals will promptly reply to all the inquiries sent by you. You can ask any types of questions related to your travel; price, itineraries, duration, accommodation types, and so on. Our travel planners are well experienced in the tourism industry which helps you to get the exact answers to your curiosity. We are available 24*7 for your support.