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International Everest Day 2023

  • 2023-05-29
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International Everest Day is celebrated in the memory of two persons who climbed Mt Everest (8848.86m/29032ft), the tallest peak of this planet on 29th May 1953 by two legendry Edmund Hillary and Tenzing  Norgay Sherpa. Mt Everest lies in the middle-sized South Asian Country Nepal and is the pride of the entire planet.

Several programs are organized in Kathmandu and in the Khumbu region of Nepal to celebrate this auspicious day. It was the beginning point of the Everest Expedition where thousands climbers have already tried and scaled Mt. Everest since then.

International Everest Day: History

  • 70 Years ago, Nepalese mountain hero- Tenzing Norgay Sherpa and the climber from New Zealand Edmund Hillary climbed mount Everest and that day history was created.
  • The first attempt to climb mountains by the British climbers in the 1920s and was tried vigorously and was succeeded in 1953 only.
  • Approximately 12000 people have been successfully climbed Mt. Everest till the day and around 200 people have been climbed there without any supplementary oxygen.
  • Everest is the highest mountain when measured at sea level. Several International climbers and families actively participated in the events that were celebrated on International Everest Day.
  • The first International Mount Everest Day was celebrated in 2008, and it was the day Edmund Hillary passed away and Nepal decided on May 29 as International Everest Day.

How to celebrate International Mt. Everest Day?

You may attend the different annual events in Kathmandu or visit Everest region or can take part in Everest Marathon. Everest Marathon is organized in the Khumbu region and you may take part in running down to Namche Bazaar from Everest Base Camp which is 42.1 kilometer long.

To the winner of the marathon, $1000 and for the first runner up, $500 is awarded. To honor the first ascent, you can book a trek to Everest Base Camp and celebrate the occasion on the same trails that Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Nath walked on.

If you are wishing to do more, you can summit the 8000m peaks to honor him. Not only this, you can celebrate it in your home by watching documentaries, reading blogs and articles related to them. Apart from them, it is a day to help others and do some charity in the name of those legendries.  

Significance of International Everest Day 2023

  • Adventure Sport Tourism Society and Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) organizes different programs during this day.
  • Mt. Everest is the highest point of the earth from the sea surface lies in the Great Himalayan Range and Mahalangur mountain range of Nepal.
  • A plethora of events are conducted and special persons such as tourism ministers, record holders, climbers, and tourism entrepreneurs participate those programs.
  • After Sir George, a 19th-century British surveyor of South Asia, the British named it Mount Everest.

Some of the Historic Records in Everest

  • Highest number of times to reach the summit = Kami Rita  Sherpa, 28th time
  • Most ascents by a woman = Lakpa Sherpa, 10th time
  • Most summits without supplemental oxygen = Ang Rita, 10th time
  • Most summits by a foreigner (non-Nepali or Tibetan) = Kenton Cool 17time
  • Most ascents by a foreign woman = Melissa Arnot, 6th time
  • First climbers confirmed as having reached the summit =  Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay
  • First woman to summit once = Junko Tabei
  • First dual ascent made by a woman on Mount Everest summit within five days = Anshu Jamsenpa
  • Fastest ascent from Everest South Base Camp with supplemental oxygen = Lhakpa Gelu Sherpa, 10 hours 56 min and 46 sec
  • Fastest ascent without supplemental oxygen and fastest ascent from Everest North Base Camp = Hans Kammerlande, 16 hours and 45 minutes
  • Most deaths in one day at Everest = April 25, 2015, 22 people
  • Youngest person to climb Mount Everest = Jordan Romero, 13 years, 10 months, 10 days old
  • Youngest girl to climb Mount Everest = Malavath Purna, 13 years, 11 months, 15 days

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